Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frames With Wi-Fi: Give Grandma the Gift of Family

In today's technologically-advanced world, it can be easy for members of older generations to feel left behind. With photos galore posted on social media websites, moms and grandmas all over the globe are missing out. While mom or grandma may not be interested in joining the likes of Twitter or Instagram, there is a simpler way to ensure that they are able to view pictures of all their family members' special moments, both large and small.

Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frames

The Time-Consuming Dilemma

Naturally, people do not want their less tech-savvy family members to feel out of the loop. In an effort to ensure that they feel included, they may attempt to teach older family members to send e-mails or text messages, or create online albums. The problem with this approach, however, is that while a text message may sound simple to most of us, it is confusing for those who view it as unfamiliar territory. Instead of becoming a simple solution, it becomes a hassle.

Mom or grandma will likely have numerous questions about how to access the photos and frustration will ensue for both parties. In these scenarios, many people eventually revert to printing digital photographs and sending them through the mail to these old-school moms or grandmas. While this method gets the job done, it is time-consuming and costly for the sender and, by the time they are received, there are already more adorable photographs waiting to be shared. The cycle is never-ending, and you can never quite keep up, meaning that inevitably, many moments will be missed.

Breaking the Cycle

The key to breaking this cycle is to incorporate technology in a way that is convenient for those who have limited experience or technological knowledge. Instead of convincing grandma to join a social media website (and spending hours talking her through it each day), opt for a digital photo frame. The Skylight Digital Photo Frame, for instance, simply connects to an existing home Wi-Fi network. After the initial grandma-proof setup is completed, she can receive pictures directly through the digital picture frame. E-mail photos instantly from your phone to a personalized e-mail address, like grandma@ourskylight.com, and the photos will (seemingly) magically appear on her digital photo frame.

Why Choose Wi-Fi Frames

As opposed to other types of digital frames, with the Skylight Frame, there is no need to connect or disconnect a USB each time to load new photographs. This makes sharing in the digital age a breeze for both parties. There is no work necessary on the receiving end and sending photos to the frame is as easy as sending an e-mail. Unlike standard e-mails, however, there is no fussing or confusion over downloading attachments, renaming files or trying to locate them after the download is completed. The photos are immediately ready for viewing and can be updated as frequently as the senders prefer.

This also offers a solution to other members in the family. Anyone with the personalized e-mail address can send photos straight to mom or grandma. From the comfort of her home, grandma can stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in her family. As an added bonus, the e-mail frame is a huge space-saver for moms and grandmas who are running out of space for traditional frames on their walls.


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