Photo Frame Types

Stylish Casings: A Guide to Photo Frame Types

Pictures, pictures everywhere, but none that you display? That's not right! Instead of storing stacks of photos on a coffee table or simply swiping through photos on a phone, what you need is a proper photo frame to show off those beautiful prints.

Whether you're out to treat yourself with a present, or you're on the hunt for a gift to give your mom, grandma, best friend, aunt or other loved one, you might not know where to start. Don't get overwhelmed; get excited at the thought of all those smiles! It's time to walk you through the types of photo frames on the market today.

Photo Frame Types

Natural Wood Photo Frames

Truly a classic, a natural wood photo frame is one that evokes times gone by, especially if it is made from reclaimed wood or is vintage in its own right. There are as many frame widths as there are types of wood, and matting can draw out the contrast with the wood grain.

Decorative Photo Frames

Some of these photo frames have scrollwork around the edges while others have raised letters across the panels. Some are even made in the shapes of animals or have custom details like leaves or your children's initials. Whatever the case, decorative photo frames are like the child in a fairy costume dancing on stage for all to see, when the scene actually called for a group of fairies singing as one. You can't help but notice and smile.

Metal and Glass Photo Frames

Although typically made from aluminum or stainless steel, some metal frames are made from silver; others are silver-plated or gold-plated, which makes them fantastic for budget-conscious shoppers. Glass photo frames are also known as "no-show" frames, since the glass extends right to the outer edge of the frame. Both types are sleek and contemporary, and they will show off your 21st-century stylings whether lining a bookcase or spicing up that empty wall.

Black, White or Colored Photo Frames

These frames are often the most basic design, and they work to complement a color in the image. Black or white frames are also common with professional photography prints, and they bring a certain understated elegance to a photo. You can also add matting to give these frames a pop of contrast. The basic designs often work well with shadow box designs that give the frames deeper dimensions.

Collage Photo Frames

Instead of one photo, there are sometimes anywhere from five to 10 or more on display. You might see a collage frame in the shape of a heart or a tree, or you might see one with an abstract design. These frames often bring to mind the collages of elementary school art class. You loved their patchwork design, bright colors and fun personalities back in the day, and now, you can bring back some of that creativity - with a bit more sophistication.

Clip Photo Frames

The most laid-back of the bunch, clip photo frames can feature either a big ol' clip or a small, dainty clip (or two) at the top of the frame. While some frames may have glass fronts, many are uncovered; therefore, clip photo frames are ideal for casual photos you want to switch out with ease.

Digital Photo Frames

Now, digital photo frames are something else entirely. Have you ever looked around your relative's house and thought, "I don't look like that photo anymore!" Maybe you've wondered where all the annual photos of your kids have gone. What it comes down to is not enough photo frames for such overflowing love. That's why the Skylight Frame could the be an ideal solution. As a digital photo frame, it lets you add practically as many photos as you want, and you can choose one photo or a rotation of photos, showing off your family with pride.

Photo frames come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a common trait: they accent family moments and bring connection across the miles.


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