How Do Digital Photo Frames Work?

If you've never heard of digital photo frames before, or if you've just received a Skylight Frame and don't know what to do next, you're in for a real treat. Far from a confounding "whatchamacallit" that's only good for storage in a dusty hall closet - or life as a shiny paperweight - digital frames are in fact easy to use and lead to hours of happy discoveries.

Sit back as we explore all there is to know about digital photo frames.

Setting Up Your Account

Each Skylight Frame works with one email address, which you select and activate whenever is convenient for you. What should you choose? It's up to you! Whether you want to use your name, a family group name or a silly reference only your family would understand, you will have full control. The only stipulation is to make sure no one else has claimed that email address within our system, which always ends with

What happens if someone else has selected your preferred email name? No problem. Just think of another, and try to make it as unique as possible. Remember, the most important part of the digital photo frame is what shows up on the screen. Seeing a new photo pop up will bring much joy to your day, and it will certainly turn any frown upside down!

After you choose your email account, just wait for the handy dandy activation code. Enter the code, and off you go.

Sending Photos to Your Digital Frame

What could be better than a one-step process? If you want to add family photos to your frame, just send them as attachments to your associated email account. It's a convenient way to merge email and frames into one joyful, family-focused action. You can send your photos in JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG file formats, or you can snap a photo (or five... hundred) on your phone and email pics to the frame. They show up on the digital frame in less than 60 seconds. Frustrations be gone! Now that's what we call the ultimate digital photo frame.

Keeping Connected

You're likely quite keyed up by now and are looking at your new Skylight Frame with anticipation, not hesitation. What's next? Just a few extra requirements to ensure you receive your new photos as soon as friends and family send them through.

Since the digital photo frame doesn't run on batteries, it needs to be plugged into an energy source at all times. The great news is that wherever you are in the world, you can own a digital picture frame and email photos to it. Skylight uses a standard North American electrical plug, so you just need a power plug adaptor to let it fit the outlets in your home.

You'll also need to keep the frame connected to the internet via WiFi. When you first start up the digital photo frame, you'll simply find your network from the list of in-range networks and enter your password to connect the frame. Should you ever lose connection to your WiFi, or if you prefer to unplug your network while away from home, or overnight, it's not a big deal. You'll simply have an overflowing of family photos as soon as the connection resumes. The "New Photos Have Arrived" icon will love being a happy messenger.

Returning the Love

After you view the latest photos, click the heart icon to show how much you loved seeing them. Doing so will send an email to the sender, which will certainly brighten their day as much as seeing their photos brightened yours.

And there you have it. We hope you have endless fun with your own Skylight Frame, and that sharing the adventures and milestones will bring you closer together as a family.


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