Electronic Photo Frame

Email Photos to Your New Electronic Photo Frame

You're considering an electronic photo frame, but you aren't altogether sure how it works -- this isn't like the good ol' days of paper and glue scrapbooking! Rest assured, the process of setting up and enjoying your digital picture frame couldn't be easier! We'll walk you through it here.

First Time Setup

A digital photo frame requires, first and foremost, power. You'll need to plug the electronic picture frame into an appropriate wall outlet. Make sure you like the area you've placed it in; the frame will require constant electric power.

The next step is to connect to your home or place of business's internet connection. The email frame won't be able to receive pictures without a reliable WiFi signal.

Sending Photos

It's time to make a transfer and get your digital photo frame going! This is the easiest part -- each photo frame has its own email address. This address is completely unique and assigned exclusively to one frame. It will look something like emily@ourskylight.com, though this won't be the exact address.

To send your photos to the digital picture frame, all you need to do is compose a new email, attach the photos and send them to the email address specified for that frame. There's nothing to it!

Your photos will arrive immediately on the digital photo frame. It couldn't be easier to personalize your home or office with an email frame.

You're All Set!

Once you've set up the frame for the first time, no other assembly will be required. Your electronic photo frame will cycle through the photos you send to it, adding photos to the roster as you send them.

It's the perfect way to keep all your favorite memories together, and these photos can't be damaged by time ... or the family dog ... or children's sticky fingers. Keep your photos where you can see them anytime, and don't worry about damage!

An electronic photo frame that you email pictures to is the perfect addition to your space, be it a busy office, a loving home, or a picturesque bed and breakfast!


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