Digital Photo Frame on your Wall

4 Ways to Decorate Your Walls With a Digital Frame

When you think of photo frames for the wall, you might think of that rich pewter frame with the bas-relief shell design or that bold black frame with the gold matting. While these ones are beautiful in their own right, they can only display one photo. Just one! Yet you could have hundreds of photos lying around that you'd like to show off. What should you do? Think digital. A digital photo frame on the wall lets you customize your display whenever you want. Now, how should you arrange your digital frame? Let's explore.

Digital Photo Frame on Wall

1. Combine It with Another Type

There's no reason why you can't integrate different types of frames. Groupings with a digital frame offset by one or two other frames, such as a one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood frame or an attractive charcoal grey frame with scrolling leaves, could be the perfect complement. You could even place an old wedding print or childhood photograph in the traditional frames, and then use the digital frame for your most recent family moments. That way, you can look back on all your years while looking forward to the great moments yet to come.

2. Surround It with Art

Need another idea? Instead of grouping your digital photo frame with other photos, simply surround it with art. Whether your tastes are more akin to abstract or modern art pieces, or you prefer the smooth lines and exquisite detail of the Renaissance or Neoclassical painters, you can combine old and new and create something truly spectacular. You don't need the art to be paintings, of course. Adding a few wall shelves with pottery or figurines will create just as bold a statement. Whatever art you choose, it will show off the real you and the real love you have for your family.

3. Balance It with Feng Shui

If you want a whole new way of thinking, look no further. When you follow feng shui principles, you can set up your digital photo frame in the best area of the home, and you'll have balanced colors, decor and designs to match.

According to the classical bagua energy map, different compass directions relate to certain principle elements and areas of your life.

Health and family are associated with the eastern compass direction, which itself is a wood element. You could place your digital photo frame on the wall facing east, incorporating colors rich in greens and browns and furnishings with square, rectangular or natural shapes. Love and relationships work from the southwest compass direction, an earth element. Here, you could hang the digital photo frame on the wall facing southwest. Then you'll balance it with light yellows, beiges and browns, adding furnishings - earthenware wherever possible - that have square, circular, triangular or pyramid-like shapes.

Confused? Don't be! This is just one aspect of feng shui, with so much more to discover. Delve further into these principles to see just how much they can balance your life and give you a fantastic digital frame design.

4. Double It Up

If you love walking by your digital photo frame on the wall and seeing a new photo each time, just imagine how great it would be to see two new photos, one on each screen. Families come in all sizes, and immediate and extended family members are often on the go. You won't worry about missing out on the latest snapshots when you have more than one digital photo frame available. You could even ask some family members to send their photos to one frame, while others send to the second frame. That's the beauty of Skylight Frame: one unique email address per photo frame, with images sent and received in seconds. Easy peasy!

Before you know it, you'll be hanging that digital photo frame on the wall and loving how much it brightens your day.


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