Our New Digital Photo Frame Cloud Portal

Announcing the New Digital Photo Frame Cloud Portal

While gifts for Grandma can come in all shapes and sizes, the truth is, nothing will delight her like new photos of the kids and the family. That's why Skylight Frame is one of the best gifts for family you will find. And it just got so much better with the Cloud Portal that gives you advanced control from an online source as well as several other stand-out features.

Digital Photo Frame Cloud Portal

How Does the Cloud Portal Work?

The new Cloud Portal allows you to invite friends and family to send photos to your Skylight Digital Photo Frame from the internet, and gives them the ability to edit and review photos as well. This creates a group based around sharing photos, much like you create on many of your social networks. However, instead of having to log in and hunt around, you can send the photos straight to the Skylight Frame wherever it's located. This means Grandma doesn't have to do a thing but browse the new photos you and the fam send her!

This Portal also comes with some awesome new features that make the Skylight Frame one of the most creative gift ideas for Grandma, including:

  • Frame by Frame Control: If you manage more than one Skylight Digital Photo Frame, the new Cloud Portal lets you control which photos are sent to each frame. That means that if a friend takes some awesome photos of the anniversary party, you can send the dinner pics straight to Grandma and the party shots right to the home frame - or vice versa - easily and effortlessly. Simply put, the Cloud Portal gives you real-time control of what appears on all the frames you own, all the time.
  • Remote Viewing: Before you would load each photo by email. Now, with the new Cloud Portal you can check out all the photos remotely at any time. You can even update the photo stream at any time from your phone. Just imagine the hours of fun Grandma will have as she follows along on the family adventure from the comfort of her home!

We are also working on new features for the future, such as:

  • Bulk Photo Upload: Instead of loading photos one by one, you can now send whole albums straight to the Skylight Digital Frame, so they are ready for instant viewing. Imagine being at an amusement park or natural area and sending Grandma the highlights of the day while they're still happening. With the new Cloud Portal, you can!

An All-Inclusive, Easy-to-Use System

Now you can keep your grandma's cherished digital photo frame updated as often as you like and from many sources, including other friends and family members, with the Cloud Portal. Give Grandma a gift that keeps giving every time you add to it: Try out our Skylight Frame with the new Cloud Portal today!


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