How This Couple Crowdsourced Their Wedding Photography Using Skylight

Monica and Steve got married last fall. Monica’s mother, Cindy, gifted them a Skylight Frame prior to the wedding to keep all their wedding photos in one place.

They had the wonderful idea of asking all guests to send wedding photos to the frame! They put the Skylight’s personal email address on each table at the wedding, and asked guests to send all the photos the took that day. A lot of photos were sent!

By the end of the wedding, they had a whole frame full of photos taken throughout the entire wedding.

They were able to see their wedding from their guest’s perspective and capture every moment of this special day.

It’s been a year since Monica and Steve got married, and they still look at the photos on their Skylight. They are able to relive their wedding day every time they look at it, as if it was just yesterday.

Congratulations Monica and Steve! Thank you for letting us share your story!