How This Couple Announced Their New Baby Using Skylight

Rachel and her family recently moved 12 hours away from the rest of the family. This wasn’t easy for her parents, who were suddenly not going to be able to see their only grandkids… So Rachel decided to get them a Skylight for Christmas.

“We have two little girls and their grandparents love being able to see what they’re doing!”, she said.  Now grandma and grandpa receive one or two photos of the girls every day – sometimes, they’ll even send up to 20 photos a week!

Rachel’s parents get so excited every time they receive a photo. “Even the things that seem mundane make their day,” said Rachel as she told us some of the moments they have shared with them on Skylight. “The girls recently made donuts and the kitchen was a total DISASTER! The photos were hilarious!”

Now, they are expecting a third girl and wanted to share the news in an exciting way.

“It was hard to make it special when you are 12 hours away, but having Skylight made this reveal so unique”, she shared.

Rachel pinned the ultrasound photos to a letterboard and wrote “three” on it. She wanted to give her parents a clue before telling them the whole story. Then, she took a photo of the letterboard to send it to her parent’s Skylight.

“They go to the lake every Sunday, and when they get back they always check the frame,” she said, “They’ve made it a ritual to look through the photos and talk about them every Sunday night”.

Planning for all of this, she sent the photo on a Sunday afternoon and, as soon as her parents got back home, they immediately called Rachel and her husband!

“They were so excited! It was a very special moment.”

We are so happy to hear that Skylight has brought joy to Rachel’s family in a unique way.

Congratulations Rachel and thank you for letting us share this beautiful story!