How Mom Keeps Her Memories Alive, Despite Her Alzheimer’s

Arlene received a Skylight Frame as a gift from her daughter Alison. She suffers from Alzheimer’s and has a hard time with technology, so Alison wanted to gift her something that would help her stay in touch and remember her old memories.

“She gets confused by her landline phone, but she has yet to forget how to turn the frame on and off, or tap the screen to see new photos”, said Alison, “She watches the slideshow as if it were a TV.”

Arlene recently moved from the West Coast to the Mid-West. Her grandchildren and the rest of the family are scattered across the country, therefore making it hard for them to stay connected. From seeing the twin babies grow up, to remembering old stories, Skylight has helped Arlene be present and in touch with family. “Skylight has been a boon for keeping up with the grandkids”, Alison tells us.

And just as exciting, Skylight has been helpful for tapping into Arlene’s long-term memory despite her Alzheimer’s! Her daughter will often send her old photos, which will usually provoke a story.

“We’ll look at the photos of her family and friends from her childhood or events from decades ago and she’ll tell me stories as if the events happened yesterday. This brings her so much happiness!”, said Alison.

Arlene now has hundreds of photos on her Skylight! Sometimes she worries she’ll run out of room, but thankfully, Skylight can hold up to 8,000 photos.

“Our family loves how easy it is to send photos to the frame. This is the best gift I’ve ever given my mom”, said Alison.


Thank you, Alison and Arlene, for letting us share your wonderful story!