Grandma and grandkids on a Skylight Frame

2020 has been a whirlwind. Adapting to “the new normal” has been tough and I’m feeling even more nervous about entering a socially distanced fall. My mom lives across the country, and with everything going on this year, she won’t be able to make it for trick-or-treating or Thanksgiving dinner. 

I’ve been trying to find ways to continue to celebrate old traditions while staying connected, but it’s been so hard. Thankfully, a few weeks ago, I found a gift that was so good it made my mom cry when she opened it!

It's called Skylight.

At first, I thought it was just another digital frame, but after using it, I realized it has a magical feature that makes it perfect for social distancing! Everyone in the family can email photos to it at any time from anywhere, and it appears on the frame in seconds. It was perfect! 

On top of that, the setup was simple. At first, I was a little nervous about my mom setting it up by herself. Thankfully, the setup was effortless. All she had to do was plug it in and type in the Wi-Fi password. No frantic videochat walkthroughs needed!

Mother and daughter baking Halloween cookies

Now, my mom checks her Skylight every time she wakes up. She says that for the first time during quarantine, she feels like she’s right there! Seeing new photos of the family makes her day. Even though she can’t be there in person for our favorite fall traditions, she still gets to see the grandkids making turkey hands and pumpkin pie right in front of her eyes. No matter where we are or what time it is, all we have to do is email her to share the moment

You tell me: What Mom doesn’t need a magical photo frame that makes her feel connected during these times?

Other families are staying connected with Skylight too!

“We got my mother a skylight for her 84th birthday and she loves getting all the pictures we all email to her! She gets some funny ones, and pretty ones and ones of her great grandkids, anything we want to send to her. It is awesome!!!!” - Roxanne M.

“When you have 9 kids and 10 grandchildren across the States, it doesn't get much better than instant pics on a frame!” - Rachel G.

“For our 91-year-old mother that can’t seem to get the pictures we send to her phone. Now she can just sit back and enjoy as they scroll by!” - Nancy R.

As we go into the holiday season, all I can say is that this year I’m thankful for Skylight for keeping me connected. Do yourself a favor: check Skylight out at the link below, and get ready to start sharing the love!Buy Skylight Today


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