Granddaughter and Grandma cooking on a Skylight Frame

Living far away from Grandma is tough, but 2020 has made it even tougher. Seeing her once a month in person has changed to seeing her once a month via video chat. I wish I could say it’s the same, but it’s not. That’s why I started researching new ways to stay connected.

That’s when I found Skylight.

This digital photo frame is unlike any other. As someone with a grandma who doesn’t even know how to set up a printer, I was really nervous that any new device would be too difficult for her to use on her own. Thankfully, Skylight’s setup was effortless. All Grandma had to do was plug it in and type in the Wi-Fi password. No frantic videochat walkthroughs needed! 

With Skylight, I get to share moments with Grandma each and every day. From baking cookies to making tents in the living room, she gets to see it all — right at her fingertips. The best part is… with the capacity to store ~8,000 photos, I don’t feel like I have to choose. I can share them all, just by sending a quick email!

Grandma with family on Skylight Frame

Other families are sharing the love too!

“I bought one for my grandma who lives across the country from me and can’t seem to get the pictures we send to her phone. Now, she can just sit back and watch them scroll by!” - Matt I.

“My parents live hours from me. It’s a perfect way for them to see their great-grandchildren as they grow. And they LOVE IT!” - Faith K.

“My granddaughter gave me one for Christmas with almost two hundred pictures of my great-grandson Wyatt. I see him every day and it makes my day, it truly is a wonderful gift.” - Rosario F.

I can’t think of a better way to stay connected with loved ones. With the little heart at the bottom of the screen, Grandma can let me know she loved the photo. Nothing brightens my day more than sending a photo and getting the email back knowing she’s seen it. All of the love and hard work that was poured into this product really shows. With her Frame, Grandma forgets the family is even apart!

Thank you, Skylight.

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