Photo Frame Guestbook

It's the first thing you see when you walk into the bed and breakfast you're relaxing in this weekend, a historic mansion's tour or your best friend's wedding. The perfectly maintained book rests on its side, filled with the signatures of everyone before you, physical proof of the time spent, hours enjoyed here. The guestbook is more than a log; it's a treasure trove of memories and friends. It's the memory of one perfect day with which to travel back in time whenever you're feeling down.

Photo Frame Guestbook

While signatures have their nostalgia, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and they say it for a reason. We're past the days of handwritten letters, so why should our memories be limited to paper and pen? A Skylight frame might just be the answer.

A digital photo frame can give you the vibrance and intensity of the event, taking you back to the day you were married, the guests who've stayed with you or the incredible adventures and beautiful scenes your guests are treated to.

As each frame is given a unique email address, you can simply distribute to guests, and they'll handle the rest!

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Wedding photography definitely has its benefits, but often, there's something lacking in the perfectly crafted photos. The magic, the love, the excitement of the event is found in spontaneity; the simple, joyful faces of friends and family in a slightly blurry scene, or the exuberance of the family dog, herding the little ones through the background of a goofy selfie. A bridesmaid shoving cake in the face of a groomsman while the bride laughs. Those are the real memories of your wedding.

Sure, framing the professional photos looks good on your living room wall, but when you want the spirit of the day, the memories, the smiles, you go straight for the scrapbook. Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep that book on the coffee table, on your desk, or even by the bed? Why wait for a rainy day to reminisce, when you could keep those days close to your heart, smiling at them every morning with your coffee?

Hotels/Bed and Breakfasts

When your guests first walk into the lobby, what do you want them to see? How do you want them to feel? Those first steps can set the tone for the entire stay; you've got to make the best impression you can! Of course, you want them to feel welcomed, treasured, even, and for them to know they'll have the time of their lives at your establishment, be it a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast!

A digital photo frame can give you that relaxed, happy vibe. Present and former guests can use the email address to add their own photos to the slideshow, as a physical testament to their glowing reviews online. The smiling faces of your guests will help to put the newcomers at ease. Local events, views of the grounds and other accommodations will give those checking in a taste of what's to come next; a beautiful view, or an exciting adventure!

Adventure Parks/Botanical Gardens

There are hundreds of photos of theme parks, botanical gardens, and other sprawling grounds that show off the beauty and quality of your location, but there's something to be said for unscripted, amateur photography. There's an air of fun and simple exuberance that just can't be designed.

A photo frame is a unique opportunity to present candid, unsponsored photos of your guests having the time of their lives at your establishment, be it a wild ride or a gorgeous walk through a beautifully maintained garden. All of the staged shots in the world can't make up for a photo or two, especially in this day and age! Let your "reviews" speak for you; the smiling faces of guests and visitors are definitely worth their weight in gold.

Today's world is one of careful planning, one in which we take twenty photos and only use one, in which we pay hundreds, thousands of dollars for that one picture, that one, perfect piece that looks like it was shot in a movie. There's nothing wrong with a little creativity, but something about those photos feels... contrived, almost manufactured.

On the other side of the spectrum, a traditional guestbook has all of the charm and whimsical romance of the good old days. People love the tradition and the vintage charm, but who's to say that we can't improve on the past?

Capturing life in its raw moments; the windy, blustery days, the morning bedhead, the laughter and wondering expressions we get, taking in new places, new sights, new sounds and food... Those are the moments when we feel the most alive. There's no way to contrive it, no way to recreate the feelings and emotions and events of the day. The only way to really capture it is to snap a photo, quick, with bright smiles and wide eyes.

Keep those memories close to you. The ones that bring a smile to your face and remind you of a day you spent really living. Like the fresh air through an open window, a digital scrapbook can remind you to breathe in, breathe out and smile wide.


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