Digital Photo Frame with Video

Innovative Digital Photo/Video Frame Updates Instantly

Digital picture frames revolutionized the way households across the country stored family photos. If your family is like many families, you purchased a digital photo frame, uploaded some pictures, put it on display and then forgot about it. By now, the frame is sitting in a drawer somewhere or still sitting in the same place, rarely -- if ever -- being viewed.

Why is this? Because that old digital photo frame is full of outdated pictures and the process for uploading new photos is too time-consuming. Don't worry -- you're not alone. There are thousands of frames collecting dust for this very reason.

The good news is that new and innovative technology has made the process for uploading photos quicker and easier than ever before. In fact, you don't even have to be in the same room, or the same country for that matter, to upload all the photos you want.

Digital Photo Frame Video

How Does It Work?

The Skylight digital photo frame connects via email. The purchaser sets up their own unique email account with Skylight. Once this email account is set up (which takes about a minute) your digital picture frame is ready to go.

Now, anyone who has your email address can send you photos from anywhere in the world. That's right -- you can send pictures directly to this innovative photo frame from the next room, from the other side of the country, or from across the globe. Best of all, you can send photos via email right from your home computer or mobile device, including your smartphone.

Not Just Photos, but Video Too

Initially, these photo frames could handle only sending images, but now you have the power to send video content as well. Short video clips can easily be submitted using the same email account you use to transfer photos. An upcoming update will soon allow you to send even longer video clips.

Skylight supports a number of different video formats, including .mp4, .3gp, .avi, .m4v, .mov, .webm, .3gs and .mvk. This gives you the freedom to send video in the format that works best for you and your family.

Who Is the Digital Photo/Video Frame for?

This digital photo/video frame is ideal for anyone who loved the old digital photo frames but hated the hassle of uploading new pictures. It is for anyone whose old digital photo frame is simply collecting dust or sitting in a drawer. It eliminates the need to manually upload all the new pictures you now want to display. By sending just a quick email, your photo/video frame will update instantly.

This revolutionary digital frame is also ideal for families that are separated by distance. It allows you to send family members pictures and video from anywhere. This way, your family never has to miss a special event, such as blowing out birthday candles, scoring the winning goal or participating in graduation, just because they can't be there in person.

Best of all, these frames require no technical experience, which makes them perfect for older family members. The pictures and videos instantly upload onto the digital frame without any input from the user. The interactive touchscreen frame allows users to flip through their slideshow at will, stopping at videos or pictures they want to see longer and more.

It has never been so easy to stay connected by sharing all the special photos and videos you want. Each frame can store more than 8,000 photos and can be setup to delete the oldest photos instantly to make room for new ones. Get your Skylight photo/video frame today and stay in touch with your loved ones like never before.


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